The 5th International Olympiad of Metropolises

The first stage of registration for participants of the V Olympiad of Metropolises has started

Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow is finishing a dispatch of invitations on behalf of Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin to the city administrations of the 5th IOM potential participants.

According to the current epidemiologic situation in the world, the 5th Olympiad will be organized as a distributed competition. The participating teams will compete staying in their home cities.

The Olympiad will be held on December 16-22, 2020, and traditionally will be consist of two main rounds and a multidisciplinary blitz-contest. Students from 14 to 18 years old living in the biggest metropolises of the world are invited to take part in the competitions. Each participating city can be represented by one team of 8 members. 2 students should compete in each of 4 disciplines such as mathematics, informatics, chemistry, and physics.

This year participation is possible in two formats, we will ask you to choose one at the second stage of registration:
1. Main scoring - two main rounds (problems correspond to the level of international olympiads) and a multidisciplinary blitz-contest.
2. Blitz-contest only - for the less experienced teams who want to progress, but are not yet ready to compete at international competitions.

For the teams of cities that have already received invitations, registration for the Olympiad is opened. In order to confirm participation representatives of the cities must go through several steps during the registration process.

At the first stage, one representative of the city should fill out the registration form.