The 5th International Olympiad of Metropolises

About the Olympiad

The Olympiad of Metropolises is an international team competition, which is held in Moscow every year at the initiative of the Mayor of the city. Its participants are 14-18 year old students, who live in the biggest metropolises of the world. The first olympiad took place in 2016 and it was attended by 173 students from 22 cities.

A team of eight participants represents each city. They are to show their knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and informatics. The competition consists of a blitz-contest and two main rounds. During the blitz-contest each team needs to solve 80 tasks, and in this case speed is the aspect of the great importance: for this round the participants have only 2 hours. Blitz-contest is an independent competition, its results aren’t included in the overall record.

Main rounds differ, depending on the discipline: chemists and physicists have theory and experimental tasks, mathematics and informatics sections include solving problems. The level of the tasks is equal to the level of the biggest international olympiads. The works of the participants are checked by the jury, which consists of the famous scientists and professors from all over the world.

The participants of the olympiad will be able not only to take part in the intellectual rivalry, but also to enjoy their stay in Moscow: a rich cultural program is awaiting them. They will visit museums and exhibitions, take part in tours around the city. And though everyone can’t become a winner, all the guests of the olympiad for sure will get tons of impressions and make friends from all over the world!